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HHF And the CBE Strategic Framework

With the launch of the Strategic Framework comes new emphasis on the humanities’ ability to foster bold thought leadership. Our varied and unique strengths make CBE a trusted leader on the most urgent issues facing humanity.

The Humanities, History, and Futures Steering Committee will: 

  1. Develop teaching and research initiatives to contextualize, articulate, and challenge concepts of what constitutes just, responsible, and resilient built environments.
  2. Invest in our current humanities strengths, including connections to social science, relevant to climate solutions, prosperity, equity, and social justice. Connect CBE’s humanities capabilities with the greatest needs of other UW colleges, local institutions, and community and industry partners.
  3. Grow the College’s financial base so that large humanities classes increase support for PhD students and graduate teaching assistants.
  4. Publish and promote student work, especially work that advances the College’s goals of a just and beautiful world.
  5. Coordinate across the curriculum. Identify and integrate complementary courses and develop new College-wide courses that promote interdisciplinary discourse, interaction, and action in the humanities.
  6. Develop national and international symposia, workshops, and other events to elevate CBE scholarship and research in humanities, histories, and futures, with a particular focus on climate solutions.
  7. Collaborate with other institutions on forums that advance both CBE research and the causes of environmental resilience and social justice.

CBE Strategic Framework